Belfast Bound

The Queen's University at Belfast

Belfast City Hall

I’d been in Dublin for only a few days before I started to get antsy.  It isn’t that there wasn’t a lot to explore.  It also isn’t that I didn’t like Dublin or enjoy my time there.  I just think I started to get into a “leaving” mindset rather than a “traveling” mindset, and with more than a week left on my trip, I needed to shake that off.

So I decided to take a multi-day trip to Belfast, rather than a day tour.  Ultimately, this will also save me money, as Belfast is considerably cheaper than Dublin, even with the conversion from euro to pounds.

I hopped on the short train ride to the North, and though much was closed after my evening arrival, I did make the mile+ trek to the city centre to look around.  It’s beautiful here!  I’m excited to explore when things are actually open, though!

love, sarah