River Liffey

the River Liffey

I have arrived!  I am in Dublin, happily letting my phone charge while I type this post.  I’ve been in this fair city for around seven hours, and it has not rained on me yet.  Crazy!  (It did rain, but I happened to be in a museum at the time… so I’m not counting it.)

That’s pretty much the sum total of this day – arriving, museum, phone charging.  I’m normally prone to jetlag, but I think I’ve managed to dodge it this time around.  Even though I only snagged a few hours of sleep, they were surprisingly decent ones.  My flight was fairly empty, which means two whole seats were available to me!  I slept in some pretty strange positions, but all were nicer than trying to curl up while not touching the stranger sitting five inches from you.

you know you're on an Irish airline when the headphones are this green

you know you’re on an Irish airline when the headphones are this green

Arriving in Dublin and finding my hostel went fairly smoothly.  I then proceeded to walk until I could officially check in – and also to keep me from sleeping the middle of the day away.  I haven’t eaten yet – whoops – but I’m pretty sure food would make me keel over right now, so it’s working out.

On my wanderings I saw many many pubs offering live music and traditional Irish food.  So much food.  All just waiting for me to get back to Ireland to eat it in three weeks…. today, though, prior to my “better not eat anything” decision, I asked the hostel receptionist if there was anywhere light to eat… she suggested I try a different country. 🙂

I did manage to swing by one museum on my forced march to avoid jetlag – the interactive and educational Dublinia.  I was mostly lured in by the well-made signage outside the exhibit and the combination ticket for Christ Church Cathedral.  It was a fascinating exploration of Dublin’s history as a city, though it seemed to be geared toward children.  At the end you have access to St. Michael’s Tower, which set off my fear of heights at only 96 steps.  We’ll blame the exhaustion and hunger-weakened knees.  Decent view, though!


Christ Church Cathedral was a thrill as well.  It’s beautiful inside, and I can’t wait to get back for an evensong.  I particularly appreciated the side chapel that someone had set up for the Pulse victims in Orlando – it’s touching that people so far away care about the well-being of the city I call home.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the crypts under Christ Church – they offered an eclectic mix of history, costumes from popular television shows, and literary references.


I still have the evening to absorb a little more Irish spirit, but I have to say the highlight for the day has got to be the mummified cat and rat found in Christ Church’s crypt – that’s what you get for chasing a rodent into an organ, I suppose!

love, sarah