Dublin Again: or, How to Befriend Strangers

gin and black currant. yum.

gin and black currant. yum.

Hostels make it incredibly easy to make new friends.

It helps that the kind of person who stays in a hostel is probably interested in socializing.  Sure, you might just be there because you’re a cheapskate and not interested in shelling out the extra 10-20 euros an AirBnB might cost you.  You might hate people and ignore everyone else in the lounge.  But you’ll probably have a hard time getting the rest of the lounge to ignore you back.

I’ve stayed in a few hostels in the UK and Ireland at this point, and while each have distinct characteristics, all have made a point of fostering interactions between residents.  Some are better than others, yes.  One particular hostel that shines on creating friends is Sky Backpackers in Dublin.

The hostel has a huge lounge and kitchen area, which facilitates hanging out.  It also has nightly specials, like nachos on Wednesday and ice cream come Monday.

I love it here.  It was nice to get back after a half-day in airports and on airplanes.  I miss Edinburgh – like, a lot – but I love Dublin, too.

After all, it only took me a few moments to find a friend to hunt down Murphy’s ice cream with me.  And after that, it barely took a second before I had plans to go to the beach with an Australian-American family the next day.

Plus, this place has the best bunk beds.

love, sarah