it’s a bit of a fixer upper

It’s been difficult deciding how to restart this blog, given I last posted on my way to Belfast a year and a half ago.  That’s a long time ago!  So much has happened!  Ahh!

I thought about just jumping in with a post, no acknowledgement of the time gap.

I thought about deleting everything and setting the blog on (metaphorical) fire.

I even considered never returning and pretending like this blog was all a happy dream.

But ultimately I decided to acknowledge the unintentional hiatus I took and come back better than ever before!!

this song = me trying to re-engage with my blog rn


Part of my return to the blogosphere

  • Returning to the Classics Club (I still haven’t hit my five years! I can win this!)
  • Finding and implementing a blog design that appeals to me
  • Removing content that no longer reflects my interests
  • Blogging once a month! Addendum: this is a minimum, not a cap. 🙂

I’m (re)starting small because I want to make sure I’m enjoying what I’m doing.

To wrap this up with something fun, here are my faves from January!

Favorite Book Read: LOVE, HATE AND OTHER FILTERS by Samira Ahmed.

Favorite Movie Watched: THE SHAPE OF WATER.  The colors.  The music.  The characters.  The emotions.  WOW.

Favorite Adventure: Going to the Central Florida Highland Games with friends!  This event is a yearly occurrence in the Central Florida region.  My favorite part is always the highland cows, but the band Albannach was phenomenal as well!

January was quality this year 🙂  I hope yours was, too!