Literary Pub Crawl: Dublin

at Trinity College

at Trinity College

After staying up way too late to buy Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (the book, not play tickets – alas), I got a slow start to my Sunday.

So, when a fellow hostel resident suggested doing a Hop on, Hop off bus tour, I decided that was the perfect way to keep exploring Dublin… while also staying firmly planted in one place.

We used the Dublin Bus Tour, though the city had options from companies I’ve seen in other cites.  The live commentary was informative and entertaining, and the views were spectacular.  Dublin’s history is recent: after all, the 1916 Easter Rising was a mere 100 years ago.

In the evening I went on a literary pub crawl with a different friend from the hostel.  It was good fun!  The actors knew their history, and they performed the selected pieces incredibly well.  I learned more from watching their 7 minute excerpt from Waiting for Godot than I did reading the text years ago.

After the crawl my friend and I were joined by another American for a late dinner of good Irish food. It was the perfect meal to share before heading straight to sleep.

love, sarah