Old Friends in New Places


Today I was thrilled to meet up with a friend from my undergraduate while exploring Edinburgh.  Caroline’s been studying down in Oxford for the summer, and decided to take a quick trip up to Scotland to wander the city – and to catch up with me!

We met at Spoon, one of the (many) cafes where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter.  Spoon’s major claim to fame is more direct than most: Rowling’s brother-in-low apparently owned the cafe pre-Philosopher’s Stone.  But whatever its literary history, it certainly had a delicious brunch!


After, we swung by the Elephant House.  It’s another cafe where Rowling wrote – and probably the one that’s capitalized the most on her popularity.  I can’t make any comment about the food, a I didn’t partake of any.  Instead, we snapped a picture of the outside and moved on.

We explored St. Giles and the Walter Scott Monument (SO HIGH. SO NARROW. GULP.).  We took a trek to Greyfriar’s Kirkyard, then across town to Carlton Hill, then downwards to Holyrood Palace.  We finished at Albanach, a pub on the Royal Mile.  There we tasted whisky and ate haggis and generally tried everything everyone tells you to try when visiting Scotland.  The verdict: whisky, meh; haggis, surprisingly good!

the Walter Scott monument

the Walter Scott monument

Caroline went to a film while I returned to my hostel to pack, but we met up after for another hour of socialization and reminiscing.  All in all, it was probably my most touristy day in Edinburgh.  But it was great fun!  Sometimes it’s nice to don the tourist cap and walk ’til your feet bleed. 😉

love, sarah