Repeat Friends on the Road


It’s crazy, but sometimes when you travel, you end up in the same place as people you met days or weeks before.  You don’t plan it: sometimes, when you plan it, you end up missing each other anyways.

Today I spent time with two people I met at the very beginning of my stay in Ireland, way back on July 6 (has it really almost been a month?).  None of us knew each other when we arrived in Dublin.  And none of us planned to be back on the same date.  But the winds blew us back together, so we didn’t resist!

Given it was a bank holiday, a lot of “tourist attractions” were closed or crowded.  I actually spent the bulk of the day working; it was only later that I hung out with my friends (and ended up debating politics and world culture until 4AM… WHY).

Thus, your picture of the day is the boots-turned-planters I saw in a staircase at a restaurant!

love, sarah