The Scottish Highlands: Part 2

old boathouse on Loch Ness

old boathouse on Loch Ness

If we’re all honest, the primary reason Americans go to Scotland is to see the Loch Ness Monster.

She’s real, guys.  I can verify this.  Not because I saw her, but because I believe in keeping hope alive.

did see the famous Loch Ness, however.  It’s the largest lake in Scotland, and apparently is wide and deep enough to hold every other lake in the entirety of the UK.  We only saw a small portion of the water.  The main reason we stopped in the lake town of Fort Augustus was for lunch, which was provided by an all-cultures-style restaurant.  Hooray for burgers and pizza and Scottish food, all at one table!


Overall, it was a bit heartbreaking driving out of the Highlands.  I watched the land flatten and turn to fields from the bus window, too tired to read, but too awed to sleep.  Though I’m not sure I’m brave enough to come back with a rental car, I know I need to travel the Highlands again.  Maybe I’ll take to the hills like one of my new friends, who hiked hundreds of miles over the storied lands in the last week.

Maybe.  One day.

love, sarah