The Isle of Skye


Today was the first day I actually felt cold in the UK.

Of course, cold wasn’t the most important or even most salient feeling I had today.  I’m on the Isle of Skye, an island on the same line of latitude as Alaska.  It’s a popular island for tourists and travelers, as it features breathtaking landscapes and quaint but modern villages to explore.

I felt rapture while I wandered along the coast.  I felt safe as I walked through Portree to my bed and breakfast (shout out to Rosebank!).  I felt fear when I leaned over cliffs, and also that moment when a black cat darted straight across my path (she came back to let me pet her, so I think I’m safe from bad luck).  And I especially felt joy as I spent time with new friends I had made on the tour.

If you go to Scotland, do your best to travel to the Highlands, and make an effort to reach the Isle of Skye.  I felt more at peace there than I have in years.

love, sarah