Wandering St. Stephen’s Green


Occasionally I just don’t want to spend money.  This is kind of hard, since I’m in a foreign country, I have no permanent address, and my hostel cooking skills are close to nil.

But foreign or no, most cities have parks you can wander.  St. Stephen’s Green wasn’t my intended destination, but I found it after grabbing a cheap lunch at the nearby mall (do they call them malls over here?).

It was actually a spot of good luck, as St. Stephen’s was the site of a significant battle during the 1916 Easter Rising.  The park had helpful signposts throughout describing the battle.  There was also a bust of James Joyce, so I got my literary fix as well!

I also made up the difference in not spending money by patronizing a pub with live Irish music and dance later in the evening, but I guess that’s just what happens when abroad.

love, sarah